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Galvanized Steel

Professional growers are realizing the savings and long term durability with using galvanized steel trellis for long term grow operations. 

​Coating Weight (Mass) will effect life span of the product. Although the rate of corrosion  can considerably very  depending on the environmental factors,  in most instances, the life of the zinc coating is a linear function of coating weight (mass) for any specific environment. That means, to achieve twice the life for any specific application, the user should use twice the coating weight (mass).
​When comparing AmeriTrellis Galvanized posts to other Galvanized posts, be certain to ask suppliers and distributors to provide specifications of the ACTUAL coating weight.
  • G30 - Three Tenths of Zinc Per Square Foot
  • G60 - Six Tenths of Zinc Per Square Foot
  • G90 -  Nine Tenths of Zinc Per Square Foot
AmeriTrellis only uses G90 for Galvanized profiles, it offers 50% loger life in the ground than G60 and 100% longer than G30. Below are examples of light coated weight competing post that have been in the ground for 4-5 years. 


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